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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Shred415 and were last updated on 8/5/21.

Ventilation system

We have Brand New HVAC system and a Medical Grade Air Purifier that recycles and filter are continuously. In addition during most classes we open the door directly to the outside to allow fresh air to circulate.

Extra sanitation

All surfaces are cleaned with EPA Certified Disinfectant after every class. In additional to our after class protocols we receive an Antimicrobial Treatment every 30 Days that prevents Noro and Corona Virus from attaching to surfaces. We are thorough

Contactless check-in

Entering and Exiting the Studio: The front doors will be unlocked 5-10 minutes prior to class time. After class, Shredders will need to leave the studio immediately. This will allow staff to prepare and clean for the next class.

Limited amenity access

Please bring only the personal belongings that you absolutely need. We'll continue to provide complimentary towel service but feel free to bring your own towel. Showers are only available upon request. Please contact the Studio prior to class and ask if there will be showers available for use.

Wed, Mar 22
60 min

Caroline Winnett
60 min

Tiffani Kinney
60 min

Ron Cole
60 min

Dawn Sargent

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