• Cardio High
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    Cardio High

    271 Auburn St, Newton

    Studio Cardio High

    Loved this workout. It was just me on Summer Friday morning. Tracy was great, very friendly and motivating. I'm used to going to advanced, high end studios and this gym did not disappoint. Loved that they used equipment for almost every exercise and there was a solid stretch time before and after the workout. The workout was very challenging but doable and the low impact was also awesome. If you want extra intensity choose the bike instead of the tread. Like others said, the studio is very clean and the equipment is very nice and set up well. I'll be back!
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    Cardio High is a fitness program that combines high intensity interval training with…
    Strength Training, Yoga, …


    87 Beaver Street Waltham, Waltham
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    Really relaxing class. Perfect balance of strengthening and stretching in my opinion. A welcoming group of people, not super fancy or intimidating. Similar teaching style to Adriene on YouTube. Definitely recommend!
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    Blue Fusion Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in Waltham, MA that offers group…
  • Jazzercise Newton Fitness Studio
    Dance, Strength Training

    Jazzercise Newton Fitness Studio

    392 Watertown St, Newton
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    Lo Dance Mixx - Online

    Excellent class. After many online classes where I couldn’t totally see or hear the instructor this one rises to the top. Camera was placed so I could see all of the instructor at all times, and she was wearing a mic so I could hear her AND the music. YAY! Verbal cuing was super strong and members of the group used the chat to create a warm and welcoming vibe since it was a live stream and not a Zoom style everyone’s cameras are on class. Heads up, you’ll need to download an app called Band to be able to stream the class, so be sure to sign up in advance so you have time to receive directions from the studio. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you!
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    Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…

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