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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Studio Pilates International and were last updated on 11/8/23.

Social distancing measures

Physical corrections and modifications will only be used when required for safety purposes and hand sterilisation by the instructor will take place immediately afterwards. Generally, we will use verbal and visual cues only, to help minimise any health risks.

Extra sanitation

An intensive deep clean of our studio and all equipment are being undertaken between each morning, noon and evening session. We are also paying extra attention to disinfecting all high-touch areas such as door handles, and bench tops at the end of each class and deep cleaning our hand straps daily.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size will be 13

Equipment policies

Our alcohol-based disinfecting wipes are used to clean the equipment after every class. Clients are guided to thoroughly wipe down ALL equipment after each class. Non-slip mats are available for purchase in studio. These are no longer part of the equipment provided.


Mon, Jul 15
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