30-Minute Vinyasa yoga flow video

Increase flexibility and strength with this 30-minute yoga flow.
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Vinyasa flow yoga burn workout

  • Instructor: Keela Williaams
  • Difficulty level: Open — Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Body focus: Full Body — Legs, Core, Arms, Back
  • Equipment
  • No equipment needed
  • Class duration
  • 31:58
  • Workout structure
  • The class starts with a breathing exercise before going into a vinyasa flow of classic yoga poses like downward dog, lunges, warrior III, standing split, and reverse warrior. Aftwards, cool down with a set of stretches for your back, shoulders and legs. Then relax into Shavasana.
  • Class description
  • Add this 30-minute yoga burn workout to your morning routine. Train your core and balance as instructor Keela Williams walks you through traditional yoga poses. This class is great for beginners who are just getting into the practice and also great for those looking for strength training. Throughout the class you will engage your muscles while moving through the flow with your breath. Yoga burn offers a slower vinyasa flow with longer posture holds to focus on increased muscle strength and deeper breathing. This vinyasa flow class is best practiced barefoot and with a mat.

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